Cloud Hosted Email; sync mail from anywhere using any device

Simple, secure, reliable email and archiving.

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Why Cloud Hosted Email?

If you already own a domain name and use it for your email accounts, our cloud hosted email platform enables you to do everything you currently do with email, contacts and calendars, but will enable you to do it from anywhere simply by logging into your mailbox from any device connected to the Internet.

If you don't currently use your domain email, or haven't even registered a domain yet to do so, you really ought to. This article in our support section tells you why you should!

In addition to simply logging in to a cloud hosted mail client, with your email address and password, you can also set up your account up on whichever desktop mail client you use [Outlook etc], your smart phone [iPhone, Android etc], or tablet device [iPad etc], and your incoming and outgoing messages will automatically synchronise with each other regardless of which device or application you are using at the time. Full details can be found at Support

Key Features of our Mailboxes

  • Secure web mail access
  • 25 GB (Standard mailbox) or 100 GB (Exchange mailbox) storage
  • Large attachments of up to 50 MB per message
  • Low, predictable costs
  • Multi-mail client compatibility
  • Three layer spam protection and control
  • Dual scanning virus protection
  • The latest security technologies
  • Powerful web based control panel
  • A multitude of statistics pertaining to overall email system functionality
  • 100% application uptime SLA
  • Collaboration - shared calendars; private and public entries; ability to restrict users to share calendars.

For more details, see our Features page.

Access Your Mail Anywhere Using Any Device!


Spam & Virus Protection

Your mailbox comes with the latest spam and virus protection, and all your emails [sent, inbox, etc], contacts are stored securely and backed up online to give you peace of mind if your computer/mobile/tablet device is lost through fire or theft.


Easy Setup

It's incredibly easy to set up. Just complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you with more information and easy to follow instructions on how to set your mailboxes up and the necessary changes to your domain's DNS settings.


Low Costs

Costs start from just £30 plus VAT pa for Standard cloud hosted mailboxes, and £95 plus VAT pa for Exchange, with significant discounts if you require 10 or more. Mail Archiving costs an additional £30 plus VAT pa per mailbox.